This grapevine comes from southeastern Anatolia (Diyarbakır). Apart from Anatolia some wineries are growing it on the Mediterranean coast (Elmalı) and the Aegean region (Denizli).

Its name in Turkish means “throat burner” but no worries, that won’t happen!

The grapevine has a dark blue colour and the wine made from it is full bodied, has strong tannins but a medium acidity. It is quite similar to the French grape called Tannat.

On my opinion it is better to blend it with Öküzgözü or drink it when it’s aged. It is often rough at a young age.

Aromas : Dark chocolate, Leather, Spires (Clove, Pepper, Liquorice), Eucalyptus, Fig, Pine forest, Red fruits (Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Sweet cherry, Blackberry), Dried fruits, Tobacco, Thyme.