Photo from winesofturkey.com

Emir is a Turkish grape indigenous to Nevsehir in Cappadocia. History tells us that this grape used to be a popular wine served at the local lords’ tables, hence the name. Emir means “lord” in Turkish. Among all winemakers, a local one (and a good one), Turasan, is said to produce the best Emir in Turkey. It is also a good association with another Turkish grape, Narince. A good (and cheap) example of this is the Buzbag Emir-Narince made by Kayra winery.

Emir grows in volcanic and mineral rich soils. It has a fairly high acidity as it is cultivated on high altitude which gives big variations in temperature and make the grape  ripen more slowly.

It has green-yellow, middle-sized berries. It is used in sparkling and still wine making. Emir wines are balanced, bright and lively with a mineral note in the end.

Aromas : Citrus (lemon, lime, blood orange, grapefruit), pineapple, white pear, apple (green and yellow), herbal (grass, honeysuckle), kiwi, rose.

It matches well to spicy Asian foods, salmon, shellfish, cod fish, ceviche, sushi.