Mid eastern Anatolia

Mid-Eastern Anatolia
Picture from vinorai.com

The Mid-eastern Anatolia wine region has two main wine areas : Tokat province in the north, not far from the Black Sea, and Elazig province in the southeast of Turkey.

The climate of Tokat is a kind of transition between the Black Sea and the central Anatolian plateau. Elazig has a typical continental climate.

Soil : In Tokat, river bed and glaciated alluvial fan, while in Elazig, red clay and decomposed granites varying to chalky clay.

Wine production share in Turkey : 14,7%

Grape varieties : Narince is THE grape of Tokat although raised in other regions of Turkey, Bogazkere and  Okuzgozu are cultivated in Elazig.

Wineries : Diren, Kayra.