Tasting of Urlice wines


What a joy to taste the wines of this very special boutique winery!

This winery located in Urla, not so far from Izmir, saw its first vintage in 2008. It’s the story of a couple living in Michigan, USA, who decided to come back to Turkey to take over the family’s vineyards and start making wine under the name “Urlice”.

It’s amazing how those self-taught passionate people managed to do such good quality wines! You’ll find more details about them in the winery section.

Now let’s taste those 6 wines made by Urlice !


  1. Urlice Chardonnay 2017


I prefer slightly oaky and buttery Chardonnay… I guess it is part of my French education. This wine is quite different from any Chardonnay you would have tasted before. 13 %… well, for Turkey, it is not that much and it doesn’t show! At first, the nose has some apple and lemon aromas. The texture is quite oily. It has good acidity. A medium finish. It is quite easy to drink, quite pleasant.

2.  Urlice Rosé (Syrah) 2017



I’m extremely demanding with rosé wines but Turkey has opened my mind and my tastes regarding rosé wines. Once again it is quite original in taste. The nose has some blueberry and cranberry aromas. Once in the mouth it has a surprising slightly oily texture. It’s quite interesting with flavors of vanilla, orange peel and blueberry pie. The medium finish has hints of lavender. Not bad!

3.  Urlice Artisan Cabernet Sauvignon 2011


I liked this one with its dried fruits, pepper, tobacco and licorice aromas. Tannins are high but it is not overwhelming. In the mouth you can feel baking spices flavours. Even some hints of mint in the long finish.

4.  Urlice Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2013


The nose is a bit closed but some aromas like sour cherry, oregano and thyme can be detected. The mouth has flavours of black cherry and green pepper. I don’t know… I’m not thrilled to be honest.

5.  Urlice Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Reserve 2012


Have a look at my more detailed tasting on my blog… This is my favourite!!!

6. Urlice Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2012


Wow! It is not exactly my kind of wine but if you like to feel the mud, the mold, the mushrooms and the moss of the trees, if you like to have strong chewy tannins in your mouth, this is for you! Really rough! A very well balanced wine indeed!