Sommelier’s selection 2018 red wines

2018, February 18th.

Here we are : the results of my tasting at Sommelier’s selection 6 days later. I’ve already given my selection of white wines. Now here are the red wines I liked.


I tasted more than 30 reds and believe me, it wasn’t easy as it was my first time at such an event. I really appreciated 12 of them. This time again I gave marks out of 5. Here they are :

1. Chamlija Cabernet Franc 2014 : 4,5/5. A complex and exciting wine. Coffee, green pepper, cassis, dark plum, spices like rosemary… very impressive. Juicy, silky, a long length. Original, sensual, exciting.


2. Sevilen 900 Petit Verdot 2015. 4/5. A delicious wine well balanced full of dark fruits (cherry, blackberry, plum), spices, earth, cocoa, leather. Impressive.


3. Yedi Bilgeler Bias Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Merlot 2014. 4/5. It was already the end of my tasting. I was exhausted. But I remember perfectly a big shock and a big love for this brand that I will have to taste again in “normal conditions” which is “with a good meal and no rush”!!!


4. Suvla Reserve Karasakız 2015. 4/5. A beautiful wine full of character and elegance. Soft tannins, red fruits (cherry brandy, strawberry, raspberry), mint. Long finish. Wow! Would be perfect with some duck.


5. Kavaklidere Prestige Kalecik Karası 2013. 3,8/5. Quite similar to a good burgundy wine. Cherry, strawberry, plum, mushrooms, velvet tannins, medium finish. A very good wine.


6. Doluca Tuğra Öküzgözü 2015. 3,7/5. Beautiful texture, well balanced. Plum, mint. Quite impressive. Have to try it again.


7. Barbare Elegance Syrah Grenache Mourvèdre 2012. 3,7/5. Beautiful wine that reminds me the taste of the Rhône valley. Have to try it again.


8. Sevilen Plato Kalecik Karası 2015. 3,5/5. Cherry, currant, very fruity, mushrooms, quite similar to a Pinot Noir. A very modern wine. Long finish.


9. Vinkara Mahzen Kalecik Karası 2014. 3,3/5. Fruity with notes of cherry, plum, vanilla and a bit of oak. Very nice. Medium finish.


10. Yedi Bilgeler Solon Attica Malbec 2016. 3,3/5. Impressive quality-price ratio here. Fruity, complex. Quite long finish. Wow. Have to try it again! Very nice discovery thanks to Andrea.


11. Prodom Öküzgözü Kalecik Karası 2015. 3,3/5. Red fruits, very well balanced, very enjoyable, finish a bit too short.


12. Vinkara Winehouse Öküzgözü 2015. 3,2/5. Light and fresh. Cherry, raspberry, cassis, coffee, chocolate. Medium finish. Vinkara is really strong at making good wines at reasonable price.


And a special mention to Urlice wineries. I remember their wines were quite interesting but my body was incapable to drink more. I hope I can find them somewhere in Istanbul.


Enjoy, imbibe!😜