Sommelier’s selection 2018 White wines

2018, February 17th.

Here we are : Sommelier’s selection 2018! 193 bottles of Turkish wine to taste from more than 40 wine producers. I must admit I was expecting something bigger. Bigger than the other wine event at wine bar İncirli Şaraphane which takes place in October.


Everything looks great, maybe more professional and very well organised, but less joyful and without a view on the Bosphorus. I got a beautiful badge (no mistakes in my name!), lots of people, kind of hidden downstairs of the Marmara hotel on Taksim square.



I dedicated this first day to Turkish white wines. There were more than 50 of them. Some of my favourites weren’t there, some unknown producers like Yedi Bilgiler from Izmir, Lucien Arkas Bağları or even Nif Bağları that I’ve heard of before, but never tried. I have also confirmed for myself that Blanc de Noir is not my cup of tea…

I’ve tasted 13 white wines. I liked 6 of them. I gave a maximum of 5 points to each of them for the aromas, the taste, the texture and the length.

3/5 : Yedi Bilgeler Anaxagoras Reserve 2016. Complex aromas of fruits, buttery and vanilla notes. Indeed it smells like a more aged wine. In the palate it’s full of apricot, almond and hazelnut. Interesting : how long do they keep it in a barrel? The texture is mild buttery, not perfectly balanced to my taste. The finish is extremely short. Great beginning, disappointment at the end.


3,2/5. Saranta Chateau Murou Chardonnay 2016. Rich aromas of tropical fruits. In the palate, it’s like a subtle balance between pineapple, vanilla and a slightly buttery texture. Light acidity. The finish is a bit short. A quite good Chardonnay, not the best I had in Turkey, but it delivers what it is required from him. No bad surprises, a very stable wine.


3,7/5. Cotes d’Avanos Sauvignon Blanc 2016. Rich nose, pineapple and grapefruit. Very subtle wine. A typical Sauvignon Blanc for me. The palate has white peach and herbal notes. A very balanced wine with good acidity. The finish is nice and long.


3,8/5. Sevilen 900 Fume Blanc 2016. Aromas of white peach and oak. The palate is buttery with notes of brioche, apricot and pear. Some herbal notes again. This wine is quite gourmand. Very good finish. Perfect as an aperitif.


4,2/5. Nif Bağları Viognier 2016. A beautiful Viognier and I’m usually not a fan. Your nose is immediately possessed by aromas of peach and apricot. The palate is rich with yellow fruits, almond and white flowers. Perfectly balanced and with some acidity which is a good achievement for à Viognier. The finish is long and sensuel. I’m totally seduced. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture…


4,5/5. Kayra Vintage Sauvignon Blanc 2016. Wow!!! Subtle and rich aromas here. Grapefruit, lemon confit and a slightly oaky taste combined with a beautifully balanced acidity. Absolutely delicious. Superb finish. The equivalent of a good Sancerre. I have to buy a bottle!!!