Vinbodrum's entrance
Courtesy of Vinbodrum

Vinbodrum winery is a family run boutique winery located in Kızılağaç, Bodrum. Erhan and Füsün Yürüt are retired traffic controllers who made their dream come true. They started winemaking at home in Ankara in 1980. But it’s only in 2010 that they started this activity on a professional scale to launch their business and produce their first bottles of wine in 2014. For them, its more than just a business, it’s a real passion, shared by their daughter, Dyugu Deniz Yürüt, who joined the team to be in charge of the production.

The Vinbodrum winery has 4 vineyards where 6 grapes are grown, Chardonnay, Bornova Misket, Öküzgözü, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot. The annual production is quite small with 12000 bottles.

Vinbodrum's vineyards
Courtesy of Vinbodrum
Vinbodrum's vineyards
Courtesy of Vinbodrum

The winery is run from home and the fermentation tanks are in the lower level of the house. Their wines are unfiltered and can have a kind of rustic taste but they’re impressively well balanced and are really worth to try.

The fermentation tanks in the basement
Courtesy of Vinbodrum

I’ve been very recently to a tasting organized by the wonderful Andrea Lemieux where I got the chance to taste 8 wines made by Vinbodrum winery.

Tasting at Andrea's

We tasted two white wines, one Chardonnay and one Chardonnay – Bornova Misket, two rosé wines, one Öküzgözü and one Merlot – Shiraz and four reds, one Merlot – Shiraz – Cabernet Sauvignon, one Shiraz, one Öküzgözü and one Merlot – Shiraz called Gümüslük.

Please pay attention to the very nice labels on the bottles made by local artists!

Vinbodrum Chardonnay 2016Vinbodrum Chardonnay & Bornova Misketi 2016Vinbodrum Öküzgözü 2016Vinbodrum rosé Merlot - Shiraz 2014

4 red wines made by Vinbodrum, among them the Merlot - Shiraz - Cabernet Sauvignon blend

I really loved three of them :

  • The Chardonnay 2016, 13,6% : Very appealing nose with apple, banana and vanilla aromas, good acidity, slightly buttery structure. The surprise came with the flavours on the palate. A herbal taste with flavours of white pepper and mint. It’s definitely an interesting Chardonnay which doesn’t taste like any other.
  • The rosé Öküzgözü 2016, 14,5% : A very high amount of alcohol for a rosé but its not overwhelming. I thought i wouldn’t like this kind but I was wrong. A beautiful nose with aromas of red berries, pomegranate and mint. A lively acidity and some surprising hints of lavender with a very nice finish. It’s a very complex wine which I wasn’t expecting! Our host Andrea told us that It could be the only Turkish wine to pair well with… yoghurt! Yoghurt is everywhere in Turkish cuisine. Well, it appears she’s right. There’s something soft and sour in both tastes that definitely matches well.
  • The Merlot – Shiraz – Cabernet sauvignon 2014 was surprisingly good and quite complex, especially for 30 TL if you buy it from the winery. Yes, 30 TL!!! It has flavours of mushrooms, moss and juicy fruits (strawberry). Unfiltered like the others you can feel this rustic taste I was talking about but don’t be scared, in fact, it’s quite pleasant.

If you want to purchase those wines, it’s not easy to find them in Istanbul. Try by any chance La Cave in Cihangir or Dekanter in Istiniye Park Mall. The best option is to order directly from the winery.

Afiyet Olsun!