Nif Viognier Private Collection 2016

Points : 8,25/10 Price : 75 TL from Eylem Şarap Kurt Premier A bouquet of peach, orange blossom and fresh apricot with some notes of beeswax and a touch of honeysuckle. Low acidity, oily texture, fruity, medium bodied On the palate, I detected again notes of apricot as well as tangerine, mango, rose and vanilla….

Nif Sangiovese 2018

Points : 7,5/10 Price : 89 TL at Vinus Wine Shop Red currant, sun dried tomato, clay pot, cinnamon. Medium tannins, high acidity, medium bodied. Thyme, tomato leaf, cherry, plum, espresso. A quite nice Sangiovese perfect with pasta bolognese or pizza.

Nif Bağları Chardonnay 2017

Points : 6,8/10 Price : 75 TL This Chardonnay has citrus aromas (orange, lemon) and some hints of nuts on the nose. On the palate I detected some flavours of white flowers, apple, , honey and even some smoky notes. Interesting! Acidity is medium high and it has some buttery taste. The finish is medium…

Nif Bağları Aegean Shiraz Sangiovese Merlot 2014 :

Points : 7/10 Price : 67 TL at carrefour gourmet but only 50 TL at La Cave 3 grapes for an unlikely and surprising blend… Black fruits, oaky note, vanilla and pepper on the nose. On the palate the taste of the barrel is still here, spices are also here with a taste of tobacco….

Nif Boğları Aegean Viognier Narince Solaris 2015

Points : 7,5/10 Price : 67 TL A great blend of 3 grapes. Slightly oaky, aromas go from tropical fruits to peach. A slightly buttery nose just as the palate which has also a citrus taste and flavours of melon and nuts. I felt honeysuckle in the long finish. A complexed wine with high acidity….

NİF BAĞLARI 2013 Chardonnay Solaris

Points : 7/10 Price : Around 75 TL Nif Bağları Chardonnay Solaris 2013 : à surprising nose of exotic fruits. The texture is slightly creamy. The acidity is low. It’s well balanced with flavours of pineapple… certainly due to the mix of those two grapevines. Then it becomes more subtle. Orange confit, vanilla, acacia and…