Yapıncak grape
Photo from Basin Lobisi

Only a few winemakers  are dedicated to this difficult grape which is very hard to grow. Those are mainly Suvla and Pasaeli wineries. This grape is definitely not famous outside Turkey and even in Turkey itself. It grows mostly near Marmara Sea in Eceabat, Tekirdag province, in Thrace (Northwest Turkey). It is planted on clay soils.

Yapincak has small berries, a very thin skin and produces aromatic, light to medium bodied wines. They are low in alcohol (12 degrees), zesty and refreshing. They have mineral, floral and citrus characteristics. With oak ageing they get vanilla and creamy flavours. It is used in sparkling and still wine making.

Aromas : Citrus (lemon, orange, clementine), yellow fruits (apple, pear), quince, acacia, vanilla.

They match well to fried fish and soft cheeses. Blue fish is said to be the perfect match. Fried sardines also. Some say that even oysters can be associated to Yapincak.