Narince is a wonderful Turkish grape variety indigenous to Tokat, Mid-Northern Anatolia. It is grown in alluvial soils, not so much for its fruit, but for its leaves which are used for Dolma (stuffed vine leaves). It is also cultivated throughout much of Turkey including the Aegean and Thracian regions.

Narince has large, oval, yellowish-green berries with a kind of amber discolourisation when fully ripe. It usually makes straw yellow wines with floral notes, yellow fruit and citrus aromas on the nose. On the palate it produces round, medium to full bodied balanced with good acidity. Narince can be associated with Chardonnay, and as Chardonnay, it is a quite flexible grape that can vary in style from aromatic and steely when aged in stainless steel to complex and creamy when aged in oak.

Aromas : Grapefruit, orange, lime, green apple, quince, floral, plumeria, acacia, fruit blossom, honey, caramel, vanilla and walnut.