LA, Consensus 2013 Chardonnay

Points : 6,5/10

Price : 89 TL

Consensus Chardonnay 2013, Lucien Arkas : This is the first time I drink a bottle of LA winery which is situated near Izmir. Lucien Arkas is a francophone passionate man who makes wine not only from French grapes like this Chardonnay but also from local grapes. Can’t wait to try some other wines as this Chardonnay made a quite good impression. The profound gold colour frightened me a bit but the nose was quite pleasant with notes of yellow apple and pear. The flavours in the mouth are rather rich with yellow apple again, pineapple, apricot and plum. The acidity is medium. The length though is long but there is an after taste of alcohol a bit too present. Quite a nice Chardonnay. Not typical, not among my favourites in Turkey but very decent indeed.

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