Sevilen Isabey 2016 Kalecik Karası rosé


Points :7,5/10

Price : 49,50 TL

Sevilen İsabey Kalecik Karası rosé 2016 : Sevilen wineries have a huge range of different wines from the high end Centum and 900 series to the lower kinds like Isabey and Güney through Plato series.

I’ve already talked about the great Centums but the İsabey brand, which is much more simple and of course cheaper, is quite decent.

For example this Kalecik Karası, one of my favourite local black grapes, is here used to make this very decent kind of Provence rosé style.

The colour is pale pink and the nose is still a bit closed but in the mouth some very nice flavours appeared such as cherry, raspberry and melon. This wine is fresh with medium acidity and has a very good ratio quality and price for 44 TL. A whole bottle can be drunk instantly without notice in a hot summer…

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