Vinolus Kalecik Karası 2016

Points : 8/10

Price : 80 TL

I hadn’t had a Kalecik Karası for quite a while and had almost forgot its taste. Some say it’s similar to a Pinot Noir. That’s not my opinion but it’s certainly a local that is worth your attention.

This one needs some time to open itself and deliver its aromas. Once it’s done, it’s really unique : Cotton candy, cherry, strawberry jam and some earthy notes reminding some forest flavours.

It has medium fine tannins. It’s a lively wine with high acidity.

On the palate, it’s quite generous with flavours of banana, black pepper, strawberry, raspberry, red currant, prune, cocoa and caramel.

A wine with quite a strong personality!

It can pair with grilled meat of course but also with spicy sauces, pizza and pasta or with aged hard cheese.

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