Vinkara Mahzen Kalecik Karası 2015

Points : 7,5/10

Price : 82 TL

Once again the Mahzen série made by Vinkara gave me a lot of pleasure. Such a beautiful nose! Slightly spicy with aromas of sweet cherry, raspberry, strawberry jam but also tobacco. I even detected some notes of dry fruits, datte to be precise.

The texture is very pleasant. Tannins are soft. It’s very fresh.

On the palate, you can feel some peppery notes (white pepper), strawberry, raspberry, prune, cacao and also some hints of tobacco.

This is a more round and fruity Kalecik Karası than usual and I like it.

Don’t drink it too warm, rather around 14 degrees.

It should pair well with grilled cutlets, pizza and pasta with tomato sauce.

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