Selendi Sarnıç Shiraz 2012

Points : 9/10

Price : 160 TL, this serie from Selendi usually costs around 220/250 TL.

Yeah I know.

Those wines are really good even if they are overpriced. So when I found this bottle for 160 TL in a small wine shop located in a basement in Nişantaşı, I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Still expensive but a real bargain!

Now let’s open this bottle!

The nose is compelling dark fruits (blackberry and blueberry), sweet tobacco and baking spices aromas.

It’s a full bodied wine, very well balanced despite the high amount of alcohol. The wine is ripe and firmly textured.

On the palate, I detected flavours of dark chocolate, plum and cinnamon.

The finish is long with hints of violet.

A really great Syrah to pair with lamb or grilled red meats.

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