Çamlıbağ Bozcaada Özel Rezerv Kuntra 2013

Points : 8/10

Price : 53 TL at Rind wine shop in Moda, Kadıköy

I think Çamlıbağ is my favourite Bozcaada’s winery. The regular wines are quite cheap and good. If you want something special, you can have one the few bottles of Ayapetro serie.

Kuntra here is the Greek name of a quite well known Turkish grape called Karasakız.

Bozcaada used to be Greek and you still have Greek families living on the island.

Let’s taste this Kuntra together :

On the nose, aromas of red fruits, mint, spices and smoky notes.

On the palate, strawberry, black cherry, plum, chocolate and walnut.

Tannins are mild and it’s quite fruity.

It’s darker and juicier than a classic Karasakız.

The finish is medium long.

A pleasant and fruity wine that’s perfect for a barbecue for example.

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