Gordias Boğazkere 2015

Points : 8,25/10

Price : 96 TL at Solera wine bar and shop

It’s my first Boğazkere 100%.

This grape is usually blended with Öküzgözü as it is quite rough since the name meaning “throat burner”.

It’s often compared to a French grape called Tannat.

To taste a single vintage made of Boğazkere, I thought Gordias would be the right choice. And I was right.

Let’s taste it together :

On the nose, it’s all black. Black cherry, black raspberry, black berry and black pepper plus a hint of tobacco.

It has a medium acidity with high dense tannins. It’s medium bodied +

On the palate, it has flavours of dark berries, cloves, dark chocolate, pine forest and liquorice.

It’s a complex wine that will pair perfectly with spicy kebabs, lambs and saucy meat dishes.

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