Mozaik Mahrem Corinto 2010

Points : 7,5/10

Price : Initially 85 TL but there was a discount so I payed 65 TL at Rind wine shop in Moda, Kadıköy.

Corinto is a red grape originally from Sicily but allegedly coming from Greece (maybe from the city of Corinth, hence the name).

Mozaik is the only Turkish winery to cultivate this grape from what I know.

Mozaik’s Corinto is made organically with little to no manipulation. After being hand-picked, it 15 days of maceration with skins and gentle fermentation in stainless steel tanks, followed by an extended ripening period of 18 months within both French and American oak barrels.

Let’s taste it now :

The nose is fruity with aromas of plum, sour cherry with strong hints of black pepper and some earthy notes.

This wine is medium bodied with high tanins and a quite high acidity.

The palate is fresh and consistent with the nose.

It’s very juicy and kind of rustic with flavours of blueberry, sour cherry, red plum, walnuts and a peppery finish.

Not bad but It didn’t blow up my mind and palate like Mahrem’s Sangiovese.

I think the price discount was made because of the old vintage for that kind of wine. 9 years may be a bit too much.

You can pair it with some red sauce pastas.

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