Yakut Kavaklidere 2018

Points : 5/10

Price : 61,90 TL. 37,90 TL for half a bottle (which I bought). You can find this wine almost everywhere in the country…

I can imagine the face of many of my friends when they see this wine on my blog. Don’t laugh! I had to taste Yakut once in my life just to know what people are talking about.

This wine made by Kavaklidere (one the biggest wine producer in Turkey) has been an iconic wine for a lot of Turkish people since at least the eighties and it is still a top seller.

The name Yakut means “ruby” like the gem or the colour of this wine.

It’s a blend of 4 grapes : Okuzgozu, Bogazkere, Carignan and Alicante Bouschet. The first two grapes are local ones which combined can make very good blends.

Let’s taste it together :

On the nose, a bit shy with aromas of sour cherry and vanilla plus a light smell of wet cardboard.

The texture lacks density, it’s very light.

It reminds me a very average Beaujolais.

Tannins are mild and soft but there is this astringent and wet oaky taste.

Flavours are quite fruity with cherry, black currant, vanilla, some spices.

I know better wines around 60 TL to be honest.

By the way, the cork is very light. It’s definitely not liege cork.

I’ve been hearing about this wine since my arrival in Turkey almost 4 years ago. In the eighties, this wine was considered as one of the best. Imagine what the level was at that time! And a lot of people are still attached to it with this kind of nostalgia. Hopefully, there are now a lot of beautiful Turkish wines (among them some are also made by Kavaklidere).

You can buy this wine and more Turkish wines here

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