Paşaeli Kabuğunda Narince 2019

Points : 8,5/10

Price : 185 TL at La Cave. Small production.

After the Çakal, now this Narince grown on old vines as well situated in a single vineyard this time in Çeşme, not far from Izmir. This is the second of a serie of four skin contact (aka orange) wines made by Paşaeli I tried

On the nose, it’s quite shy at first with aromas of orange, quince, ripe green apple and acacia.

This Narince has had 22 days of skin contact.

This gives a medium full bodied wine with round tannins and a bit of salinity.

Flavours are rich in the mouth with grapefruit, fresh grape, plumeria, honey and walnut.

Citrus and floral in the end.

A food friendly wine that paired well with this organic chicken in a semi sweet citrus sauce.

Paşaeli shows once again its innovative spirit. I really liked this wine.

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