Corvus Aegea 2017 Kuntra

Points : 8,25/10

Price : 79 TL at Carrefour Gourmet

Maybe I have to remind you that Kuntra (also called Karasakız) is an indigenous grape variety of Bozcaada cultivated by Corvus winery but also by Çamlıbağ on the same island and by Suvla in Çanakkale.

Here the aromas are red and black fruits, spices, green pepper and a bit of oak.

Medium acidity and tannins, fruity and juicy. Very well balanced. You don’t feel the high level of alcohol (14,4 degrees).

On the palate, red fruits (cherry, raspberry, plum), black fruits (blueberry, blackberry), leather and some herbal notes.

Another good price quality ratio red wine made by Corvus.

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