Kuzeybağ Kösevetek 2019

Points : 6,5/10

Price : 75 TL

Kuzeybağ winery is quite unknown. You must know Kayra vineyards, a big wine producer in Turkey. Well, they come from the same region which is Elazığ in eastern Anatoly.

Kuzeybağ is appreciated for its Öküzgözü which is originate from Elazığ as well.

Kösetevek is a rare Turkish grape only used by Kuzeybağ and grown on an altitude of 1000 meters in Koruk village.

I should have started by the Öküzgözü but the Kösetevek is so rare that I decided to discover this winery with it.

Kösetevek has dark violet berries. You will notice that the wine has an opaque dark violet colour as well. The soil is made of clay and lime. It’s an (unofficial of course) organic wine. As less intervention as possible.

On the nose and palate, it’s quite fruity with notes of blackberry, cherry, mulberry, white pepper and umami.

The texture is kind of loose on the palate.

Not much acidity or tannins. It’s medium bodied.

It’s fun to discover a rare grape like this one.

I can’t say I would try again. It reminds me of what we call in french “un rouge qui tache”. No offense! It’s only my humble opinion.

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