Paşaeli blush çalkarası 2019

Points : 8,5/10

Price : 79 TL from Mensis Mahzen

I had tried the 2017 two years ago and I’m not disappointed.

Paşaeli is a « boutique” winery which has two sites of production, one in Thrace for their Bordeaux blend and one near Izmir for the local grapes.

Made from a quite rare local grape called Çal Karası (the black from Çal – a village near Izmir), this rosé has a pale salmon colour.

The nose is full of fruits, freshness and minerality.

You should feel some peach, raspberry, wax, then second nose ripe white fruits, rose and thyme.

High acidity. It was kept on its lees so there’s a delicate impression of sweetness.

On the palate, stone fruits, gooseberries, bay leaf, pink grapefruit.

There’s a mineral and citrus long finish which is just delightful.

Very enjoyable cold but you’d better drink it just chilled to enjoy all the flavours.

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