PORTA CAELI AMENT 2014 Cabernet Franc

Points : 7/10

Price : Around 120/150 TL

A couple of months ago I talked to restaurant Zuma’s sommelier and she strongly advised me to taste Porta Caeli Ament Cabernet Franc. I had sipped a glass of the same brand but

the Bordeaux blend one and I had really liked it.

This Cabernet Franc is not easy to find in Istanbul. I found it in Istinyepark.

Tasting : the nose is incredible. Aromas are overwhelming. Plum, blackberries, leather and meat juice. I immediately felt possessed by this wine. The colour is brown purple, the texture seems quite fleshy. Indeed in the palate the tannins are strong as much as the alcohol (14 degrees). But then it’s not what I expected. Definitely too much tannins, the sensation is too heavy, the oak taste too present.

I’m a bit disappointed as the beginning was fantastic…

Maybe I should have poured it into a carafe?

Anyway the wine pairing with lamb chops was a good choice…

A quite good wine but something is missing.

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