Chamlija 2016 Mavrud

Points : 6,5/10

Price : 55 TL

Chamlija Mavrud 2016 : chamlija’s family comes from Bulgaria. So this is no surprise that they decided to use the Bulgarian Mavrud grapevine to do this fruity, easy drinking wine. Well, in fact, it doesn’t mean this wine is simple.

But let’s go back to the history of the name. Once upon a time, a Bulgarian Khan decided to destroy all vineyards in the country. His faithful warrior was a young man called Mavrud. One day he visited the young man’s mother who told him that, despite his orders, she kept one grapevine at home. It seemed this grapevine gave his son the strength and abilities used to serve the Khan. The Khan forgave her and eventually called that grapevine by the name of Mavrud.

What a beautiful story!

Anyway this wine really is worth a try. First it’s cheap and much tastier than any wine in this price range!!!

The nose is full of red fruits (cherry, raspberry) and some hints of oak.

As always I’m not a fan of the oaky taste but here it’s well balanced with the mild tannins. Acidity is quite high with gives it a longer finish than expected.

Flavours are plum, blueberry, mint and white pepper in the finish.

Fruity, well balanced, some hints of oak and spices. A perfect combination at a reasonably fair price.

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