Pamukkale Nodus 2016 Füme Blanc

Points : 8,5/10

Price : Around 85 TL

Pamukkale Nodus Fumé Blanc 2016 : the name “Fumé Blanc” is the other name (a marketing coup) for Sauvignon Blanc and was invented in the late 60’s by the (in)famous Robert Mondavi. Anyway this Fumé Blanc has some remarkable qualities that are not typical for this kind of grape. It’s not as crisp and lively as you could expect. It’s fruity with hints of honey in the nose. The taste is spectacular : apricot, exotic fruits, almond, it’s slightly buttery, with a tiny smoky flavour and it has a delicate kind of sweetness… Amazing!!! long length, good acidity. I really LOOOOVE this wine. I will try other Nodus from now on.

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