Yedi Bilgeler Solon Attica 2016 Malbec

Points : 8/10

Price : Around 75 TL

Yedi Bilgeler Solon Attica Malbec 2016 : Malbec is a beautiful grapevine which has some very interesting characteristics : it usually have spicy, plum and liquorice aromas. This Malbec made by Yedi Bilgeler (the 7 sages) winery certainly is the best of its kind in Turkey. I won’t compare with 3 others I tried recently during a tasting.

This Malbec has of course spice and plum aromas but also some leather notes after a second smell. Cassis, cedar, liquorice and plum are very present in the mouth. Tannins are soft with a high acidity and a medium length. In the end you can feel some violette notes

I really enjoyed this wine. It goes perfectly with mild spicy meals.

If you want to try another Malbec from Turkey then Likya is another quite good choice.

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