Gülor 2014 Öküzgözü Malbec

Points : 7/10

Price : Around 90 TL

Gulor Öküzgözü & Malbec 2014 : Gulor was created by Mr Güler Sabancı, a businessman passionated by wine. This wine is very interesting : a blend of a local wine, Öküzgözü (80%), often compared to Pinot Noir, and Malbec (20%), also called Merlot. This wine has a complex variation of flavours. The nose already has some hints of earth associated to red fruit aromas like cherry and wild strawberry. Tannins are round. Liquorice and bitter chocolate appear in the mouth. Then in the long finish a subtil mix of menthol, earth and vanilla flavours. A very interesting wine with rustic flavours. It seems nobody crafted Öküzgö and Malbec before. I’d love to have some game with it.

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