Paşaeli Blush 2017 Çalkarası

Points : 8,5/10

Price : Around 70 TL

Paşaeli Blush 2017 Çalkarası : Paşaeli is a « boutique” winery which has two sites of production, one in Thrace for their Bordeaux blend and one near Izmir for the local grapes.

I must admit the two bottles I’ve tried before, the K2 (a kind of Bordeaux blend) and the white Yapıncak, failed to seduce me.

That is why this Blush (rosé) was a big and happy surprise. Made from a quite rare local grape called Çal Karası (the black from Çal – a village near Izmir), this rosé has a pale salmon colour. The first nose has raspberry and peach aromas. Then the second nose delivers flavours of ripe white fruits, rose and thyme. It’s fresh and has a good acidity. The finish is dry and savoury. A really good rosé that will go to my list of favourite Turkish rosés.

Perfect as an aperitif or with summer salads.

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