Karnas Shiraz 2014

Points : 9/10

Price : 122 TL

Karnas is one of the most beautiful wineries in Turkey and yet known only by a few. Settled near Bodrum this winery aims to make wine with minimal intervention and thus with respect to the soil.

This profound care for nature can be felt in this exceptional Shiraz.

Let’s taste it now together!

The nose is immediately aromatic. I didn’t even need to pour it in a carafe to oxygenate. It is spicy and fruity, I’d say black pepper and dark fruits. I also detected aromas of coffee.

The texture is very smooth, the tannins are perfectly well integrated. It’s a full bodied wine with a strong personality. It has flavours of sweet dark fruits like cherry, blackberry and blueberry.

Other flavours are chocolate, a bit of leather, wild herbs and again a peppery taste in the long finish.

I think you guessed it : I’ve loved this Shiraz which is, maybe, the best Syrah (or Shiraz) I’ve tasted so far in Turkey.

Have it with grilled meats of course. I think lamb should be the best choice to pair with this beautiful wine but beef would be nice too.

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