Paşaeli Sültaniye Morso Sole 2016

Points : 8/10

Price : 80 TL

Let’s be honest, I’m not always seduced by Paşaeli wines. This sweet Sültaniye though was a pleasant surprise.

This grape comes from a single vineyard where they are dried under the sun. Once it’s done, they are put in stainless steel tanks for fermentation. After fermentation the wine matures for 6 months on its yeast, a procedure called “sur lie”.

The colour is amber. It has hints of honey and dried fig on the nose.

The taste is intense, rich and generous.

Among the flavours I noticed dry fruits like almond but also quince, apricot jam, brioche…

the finish is long and fresh.

it’s like a gourmandise.

It’s the kind of wine I’d drink with pancakes, waffles with some jam or with some fruity pies.

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