Prodom (Aydın) reserve Öküzgözü 2016

Points : 8/10

Price : 140 TL

I’ve been strongly advised by Vinus wine shop’s manager to purchase this Öküzgözü made by Prodom (Aydın). He told me his friend, who is in charge of purchasing wine for a famous Turkish company which owns many hotels and restaurants, was a big fan of this Öküzgözü and thought this one was the best ever. Despite the quite hight price I decided to taste it. Here is what I found :

The nose is quite aromatic and fruity with aromas of dark fruits, dry fruits and spices.

It’s a medium bodied wine with soft tannins and high acidity.

One of the strongest flavours is pomegranate. Red fruits are very present on the palate along as dark fruits : raspberry, blackberry, dark cherry and cherry jam. I also noticed some hints of clove and black pepper.

This Öküzgözü is not typical and quite interesting. But the price is a bit high. It’s not my favourite Öküzgözü but it’s a good wine worth a try for a tasting around this very special grape.

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