Paşaeli Sıdalan 2017

Points : 8/10

Price : 80 TL

Paşaeli Winery is always adventurous and original. They love to use rare local grapes like this Sidalan. Who has ever heard about Sidalan grape?

It’s a pretty good start as the nose is quite aromatic with herbal notes followed by aromas of lemon, green apple, pear and wet stone.

The texture is unctuous and it has a good freshness. It’s light bodied and not high in alcohol (12,5 %).

On the palate it has flavours of melon and pear with a distinctive salty note.

A light white wine with its own personality.

The perfect companion for a hot summer day.

I would pair it with some grilled prawns.

The monk seal on the label is impossible to miss!

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    1. I’m honoured, thank you! 😊


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