Vino Dessera Entrika Viognier 2017

Points : 8/10

Price : 70 TL from the winery.

But there’s a promotion now in Carrefour Gourmet for the summer : you can find it at the amazing price of 49,90TL!!!!

On the nose i detected aromas of tangerine, mango, peach and honeysuckle.

It really has delicate floral notes this one!

The acidity is medium. It’s slightly mineral, a bit spritzy, very slightly oily. It doesn’t seem to be an oaky one. It’s crispy with a subtle bitterness.

The finish is medium long with hints of lime and rose.

Delicious. Very elegant.

To pair with a delicate white meat like quail, shrimp or some meaty fish with asparagus.

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