Kocabağ Kalecik Karası 2016

Points : 8/10

Price : Bought 100 TL in a small Tekel but the 2017 costs 87 TL at Macro Center

On the nose it’s more red fruits at first. Then the second nose adds some very nice aromas of banana and sweet spices.

This Kalecik Karası is fresh and lively with a medium bodied structure. Tannins are soft. It’s very round on the palate.

It has bright red berry fruits (cherry, plum, strawberry) partnering flavours of black pepper, game and cotton candy.

I really like its freshness and smoothness.

Nice and easy to drink, please pour it a little chilly like 14 degrees.

Too tannic to pair with charcuterie as I intended to but perfect with some meat balls (köfte).

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