Gürbüz Kalecik Karası 2018

Points : 7,5/10

I had the chance to taste this wonderful bottle of Kalecik Karası made by Gürbüz winery at a picnic organised by @stambulka on Heybeliada (one of the princes’ islands).

Not only was she preparing a delicious barbecue but she also treated us with this special bottle I hadn’t seen anywhere in Istanbul.

I really like Gürbüz wines and this one is no exception.

It’s a bit different from other Kalecik Karası I tasted. Much less oaky taste, it’s more fruity (red fruits) with sweet spice aromas on the nose.

It’s a light red summer wine, medium light bodied with light tannins.

On the palate you get strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavours. A bit of cloves, cotton candy. No game taste as often with this grape.

It’s a very pleasant, vibrant, lively example of a Kalecik Karası.

I wish I could find it in Istanbul.

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