Yanık Ülke Premium Chardonnay 2017 Kula Bağları

Points : 7/10

Chardonnay and Muscat

40 TL at Carrefour Super

Be very attentive in Carrefour super to the summer promotion on Yanık Ülke white wines. After the quite unknown but delicious Cataratto (an “r” is missing in the Turkish version), I found this premium Chardonnay (which is in fact a blend of it with Muscat) again at the incredible price of 40 TL. I wouldn’t say it’s a premium wine but the price quality ratio is unbeatable.

Let’s taste it together!

On the nose, aromas of yellow apple, honeydew melon, pineapple, lemon and curd. Nice.

The texture is slightly oily. It’s a full bodied wine with a medium acidity.

On the palate, I detected yellow apple again, pear, star fruit, lemon and citrus blossom.

The medium long finish has pleasant and delicate toasted oak characters and aromas of vanilla.

Definitely good value for money!

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