Paşaeli Kabuğunda Çakal 2018 orange wine

Points : 8,5/10

Price : 150 TL at La Cave… expensive but they produced only 300 bottles.

All I’ve read about orange wine is true.

I was thinking it was a new fashion and an artificial kind of wine. Well, it’s not. Not at all.

I’m amazed I’ve nearly missed it!

The method for producing orange (or amber) wines is thousands of years old!

It consists in vinifying white grapes the way red wine is normally made. They are skin fermented like the reds. They are allowed to macerate for weeks, even months with the skin, pips and stems which gives this orange colour, more structure, tannins but also freshness.

Those are personal, organic wines.

This Paşaeli orange wine made from a rare Çakal grape has all the qualities of this kind of wine.

On the nose, you can feel aromas of stone fruits (apricot and peach), acacia honey, grenadine and cotton candy.

The taste is fresh with tannins and a rich mouth-feel.

Flavours in the mouth are pretty intense with notes of orange blossom, spicy vanilla, white cherries,,cotton candy and walnuts.

The finish is long and generous.

It will pair perfectly with spicy Indian food.

Serve it chilled but not too cold.


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