Amadeus Cuvee Blanche 2017

Points : 8/10

Price : 90 TL at La Cave, Cihangir.

I love Amadeus’s white wines.

This wine is special. It’s a blend of 4 grapes : Vasilaki, Sauvignon Blanc, Zlahtina and Grillo. One Greek, one French, one Croatian and one Sicilian.

The colour is pale yellow.

On the nose, green apple, pear, peach, citrus and fresh herbs.

Good acidity, slightly oily, fresh and fruity.

Slightly filtered.

On the palate, lemon, tangerine, green apple, pear, some toasted notes.

Don’t drink it ice cold. It will be better chilled at around 10-12 degrees.

Perfect with sea bass or shrimps for example.

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  1. Semih KIRMIZI says:

    Amadeus is producing in Bozcaada which is Turkish territory. Vasilaki is the one of local grape (most probably an endemic variety) at Bozcaada. So I don’t understand which one is Greek grape is in Amadeus Cuvee Blanche. Could you please explain to me and also the other followers. Thank you


    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog! Maybe you don’t know that Vasilaki was introduced from Greece by Greek people around 1910-20 when the island, known at that time as “Tenedos”, was under Greek administration. Today it’s Turkish territory and Vasilaki is now considered as an endemic local grape. You can find Vasilaki on some other islands which are still Greek territory.
      Now please know I’m totally in love with Turkey and that I’m not trying to diminish the richness of your cultural heritage. You have here so many beautiful local Turkish grapes that I have already mentioned.


  2. Semih KIRMIZI says:

    Thank you for your reply. First of all, I’m not thinking you are trying to diminish the richness of our cultural heritage. But I’m thinking many foreigners living in Turkey, without enough research, just by looking at the origins of the word, this country’s products are promoting like other countries the products.

    Bozcaada one of the ancient culture in the Aegean Region.
    Wine production started before BC at Bozcaada.
    Izmir was occupated by Greece forces in 1919. Greek army defeated in 1922 and left Izmir. You are saying during these 3 years Greeks farmers came to Bozcaada and planting Vasilaki. So now, we have Vasilaki in Bozcaada. Do you know anything about “Anadolu Yapıncağı ” or “Altınbaş”? They are Turkish name of Vasilaki grape and from many years produce in Anadolu.

    Throughout history, many grape varieties from Anatolia came to the islands. And they continued their journey from the islands to Europe.

    The biggest loss here is that the Anatolian peoples, who chose Islam, move away from wine production over time. Now Anatolia started again with baby steps. But this does not change the fact that many varieties spread from Anatolia.


    1. The island was taken by the Greek in 1912. So its 10 years. But yes you’re right, the other name of the grape is Altınbaş. As I’m not an historian, I won’t risk myself to comment further… What’s your favourite winery on the island? Mine is Çamlıbağ.


      1. Semih KIRMIZI says:

        I think Corvus first then Çamlıbağ


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