Umurbey reserve 2015 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot)

Points : 8,5/10

Price : 150 TL at Yıldız shop in Topağacı (Nişantaşı)

Found in Yıldız shop, a small wine and beer shop with an unusual pretty selection.

On the nose, cherry, raspberry, black pepper, roasted dry fruits, leather.

Round, pronounced and elegant tannins.

12 months in french oak.

Fruity, full bodied, med acid, high alcohol (14,5). Quite well balanced. Maybe not enough concentrated as I would like.

On the palate, black cherry, blackberry, black pepper, leather, baking spices. Mint and violet in the medium long finish.

So far I wasn’t a big fan of Umurbey’s middle segment wines even if I loved their Sauvignon Blanc. Now this one is a new addition to my list of favourite Turkish Bordeaux blends.

Absolutely delicious!

Steaks, lamb chops or grilled liver will pair well with this wine. A grilled chicken was ok too.

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