Kocabağ Emir 2018

Points : 8,75/10

Price : 110 TL at Vinus.

Kocabağ is maybe the best winery of Cappadocia and what they do with Emir grape is incredible.

Emir is a local white grape that is usually being served as a table grape.

Some other wineries are doing wine made of Emir alone like Turasan or Prodom. They’re quite good.

Argos has a great Emir mono cépage too but that one really is expensive (more than 150 TL).

You can also find Emir blended with Narince. Kavaklidere winery makes blends like this.

Now this Emir made by Kocabağ is really my favourite.

Let’s taste it together :

On the nose, yellow stone fruits, yellow apple, pine apple, mango. A very rich and fruity nose!

This wine is crisp, mineral with high acidity.

On the palate, there’s a mineral taste with flavours of white rose and passion fruits.

A very elegant wine.

Just love it!

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