Garova Öküzgözü Zinfandel 2017

Points : 8,25/10

Price : 75 TL

Those vineyards have been revitalised by Mehmet Vuran 15 years ago. Born and raised among them, he went to Bursa to study agricultural engineering.

An accident made him come back to the family business. They used local grapes as table grapes but Mehmet Bey changed this activity and started to produce wine.

They’re now growing 5 varieties of grapes (Öküzgözü, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Shiraz and Zinfandel) on 2.3 hectares of land.

Mehmet Bey is very much involved into promoting local products and wine culture through a yearly festival which takes place in the region every September.

It’s too bad I didn’t visit this winery near Bodrum when I was there on vacation last summer.

Now let’s taste my first bottle of Garova :

Very shy at first, please wait before drinking. Let it breath!

On the nose you can feel more the Zinfandel with aromas of plum jam, dark cherry and black pepper. Quite fruity and spicy.

Nice texture, the sensation of alcohol is high but the acidity is high too. The result is a good balance between alcohol and acidity. Tannins are a bit rough but that’s ok.

Surprising low bodied wine.

The taste is dominated by tart fruitiness followed by hints of spices and slightly smoky notes.

Some sediments at the end as filtration is limited.

Very nice, I must say.

Very interesting to discover a new winery.

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