The 4 best Turkish Pinots Noirs

Let me present you today the 4 best Turkish Pinots Noirs :

Ma’adra Pinot Noir 2018

100 TL at La Cave

Ma’adra vineyards is situated near Balıkesir (Ayvalık). If you look at the map, it’s between Çanakkale and Izmir (in the northern part of the Aegean region.

On the nose : Cherry, red currant, a bit jammy, cocoa and rose. A bit shy at first.

Quite fresh with firm tannins.

On the palate : Liquorice, black pepper, black currant, cherry and coffee.

Not bad. You’ll see there’s a logic in this order of appearance.

Likya Pinot Noir 2017

115 TL at La Cave

Likya winery is located on high altitude in southern Turkey not so far from Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea. They’re not afraid of experiments and very much involved in the revival of rare local grapes like the fantastic Acıkara.

On the nose : Black cherry, strawberry, raspberry, black pepper, violet. Quite aromatic.

Deeper, more dense than the Ma’adra’s Pinot noir. Firm but delicate tannins.

On the palate, black and red fruits, pepper, cinnamon, earth and leather.

I really liked it.

Easy to drink but already quite complex.

Chamlija Pinot Noir 2016

130 TL at Vinus

Another terroir now with this Pinot Noir grown in the foothills of the Istranca mountains in northern Turkish Thrace, rested in French oak barrels for 8 months, bottled without clarification and filter. 14.3 degrees alcoholic. Gold medal from the Balkan International Wine Competition.

I must say I don’t usually like the taste of oak. Yet here it’s remarkably balanced with some herbal and spiced flavours. Red fruits are predominant with notes of strawberry, wild strawberry and raspberry. The finish is medium and surprising with notes of cassis, meat juice and cinnamon.

A juicy Pinot noir with lots of personality.


Château Nuzun Pinot Noir 2015

175 TL at Vinus

Chateau Nuzun vineyards are also located in Thrace but more southwards. Climate is not Thracian anymore but more influenced by Marmara sea. They’re one of the few Turkish vineyards to be certificated as organic.

The colour : Darker with violet hues.

On the nose : Forest fruits, cloves, pot-pourri and violets.

More chewy, strong tannins, medium full bodied. High sensation of alcohol.

On the palate : Kirsch, mushrooms, animal notes.

This wine is not for the faint hearted.

So rich and generous.

I loved it.

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