Kastro Tireli Elaia 2016

100% Syrah

Points : 8, 25/10

Price : 90 TL at Mensis Mahzen

Let me present you the last vintage of this rosé made by this great winery.

On the nose, jammy notes of raspberry and mulberry, also hints of cherry, peach skin and white pepper.

Body medium +, medium high acidity. Alcohol is pretty strong for a rosé.

On the palate, it’s very juicy with lots of ripe fruits, most black fruits but also hints of apricot, rose and lime zest.

The long finish has spicy and citrus notes.

This rosé is on the bolder side of the spectrum. Although I prefer lighter rosé wines, it’s an interesting wine more fitted for a meal than an aperitif.

I must say I liked the 2015 blend better.

The Mourvedre added a spicy kick and maybe more structure to the Syrah.

It’s only my humble opinion.

Don’t drink it too cold if you want to catch all the flavours.

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