Gürbüz Roze Mood 2019

Kalecik Karası 40%, Papaskarası 30%, Cinsault 30%

Points : 8/10

Price : 88 TL at Mensis Mahzen

Here’s a marketing coup from Akın Gürbüz. Akın’Bey produces excellent wines and work as an adviser to some wineries in Turkey.

This new série called “Mood” in English aims at a younger crowd which wants to drink more affordable wine.

I decided to taste the “roze mood” as it’s summer and we’re all in the mood for rosé wine.

The blend is very attractive and intriguing with a mix of Kalecik Karası, Papaskarası and Pinot Noir.

The colour is between pink and orange.

The nose is a bit shy with aromas of red fruits, stone yellow fruits and coco.

On the palate it’s fresh but with low acidity. I’ve found flavours of strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apricot and coco. Some hints of dil can be detected in the medium finish. An original and fresh summer wine which will perfectly pair with spicy food, prawns or salmon from the Black Sea.

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