Tasheli Patkara rosé 2019

Points : 7,75/10

Price : 65 TL at Mensis Mahzen.

This is the first time I taste Patkara grape which is originated from Mersin in Turkey’s Mediterranean region. This rare grape variety was almost forgotten. The only remaining vineyards are located at an elevation of 1200 metres above sea level in the Taurus mountains on the territory of the villages of Çömelek and Karacaoğlan. It’s about 90 km west of Mersin. The climate there is dry with big temperature amplitudes, cold at night and hot during the day. The soil in the vineyards is mainly made of sand and limestone.

The blue-black coloured Patkara is known for its fast ripeness, hence the word : Pat “fast” and Kara “black”.

It can be used as table grapes and raisins as well. This multifunction is quite rare among wine grapes.

The wines made of Patkara grapes tend to be medium bodied with medium tannins and rather low acidity. Their main olfactive characteristics are dark fruits and spices.

There are at leat 3 producers of Patkara in Turkey : the famous Urla winery and two Mersin originated boutique wineries – Sefkelia and Tasheli.

Today we will taste the latter.

The first thing to notice is the colour. It’s a kind of dark pink colour.

On the nose and palate, it’s predominantly red fruit flavours – wild strawberry, cherry and red plum.

Some notes of cloves and lavender can be felt as well.

A very fruity wine with vivid tannins, low acidity and a rather high sensation of alcohol in the medium long finish.

It reminds me of a Spanish rosé, a festive wine to go with some tapas while chatting with friends at a party.

Maybe some of you noticed the rainbow on the label? This bottle is a limited production dedicated to pride month.

And it’s not the only winery here to celebrate Pride month on its label!

Isn’t Turkey an incredible country?

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