Likya Narince 2019

Points : 8,25/10

Price : 105 TL at Mensis Mahzen

My first Narince made by Likya Vineyards.

The grapes are grown at an altitude of 1,100 metres.

Like Chardonnay, there are two kinds of Narince: aromatic and steely when aged in stainless steel or complex and creamy when aged in oak.

I’d say it’s more the first one although this wine was aged for 4 months in new oak.

On the nose, it’s quite aromatic with notes of apple, citrus, white flower, yellow peach and some mineral.

This wine is medium bodied and fruity with a racy acidity that brings balance to the high level of alcohol.

On the palate, you’ll notice flavours of quince, grapefruit, lime, orange peel, acacia and walnut.

I really liked it.

It went well with a piece of meaty sea bass.

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