Perdix Cabernet Franc Petit Verdot 2017

Points : 8/10

Price : 290 TL at Mensis Mahzen

This is by far the most expansive wine made by Urla based Perdix winery.

First, the nose : very aromatic, rich but with freshness. I detected ripe strawberry, blackberry jam, dried fruit and earthy aromas. Very promising.

On the palate, it’s medium bodied, tannins are strong and astringent. It’s a bit too oaky to my taste.

Flavours I’ve found : burnt barrel taste, plum dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla.

I’m not a fan. I was expecting more like a great wine, flawless.

What a pity because I really loved their Sauvignon Blanc and their Pinot noir rosé.

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