Vinolus Blend 2017

Kalecik Karası 55%, Syrah 45%, Tempranillo 5%

29,99€ from weinatolien

Biologist, yoga instructor and above all, a respected and talented winemaker, Oluş Molu took over the family farm near Kayseri in central Anatolia almost 15 years ago. Hence the name ; VIN + OLUS. The first vintage went out in 2009 and today the winery has a maximum production capacity of 45000 bottles. They are one of the few in Turkey to be certified with the organic label ECOCERT which means no pesticides and only natural methods.

The soil of the vineyards is made of volcanic sand and clay. The winery is at an altitude of 1150 meters. Among the white grapes they have Narince, Chardonnay, Roussanne (I was a fan of their mono cépage) and Emir (they do a new blend of Emir and Roussanne – I want to taste so much). Among the reds they have Kalecik Karası, Syrah and Tempranillo (Si, Señor!).

The 3 red grapes are in the blend I tasted for you and it’s really good.

The Syrah and Tempranillo come from Güney, in the Denizli region and are aged in used french oak for 8 months while the Kakecik Karası comes from Central Anatolia and is aged in stainless steel for 2 years.

The result is a very round, fruity and spicy red blend with a moderate acidity and soft tannins. You should get aromas of sour cherry, pomegranate, figs, dried fruits and pepper. The finish is spicy and slightly sweet on the tongue and quite long.

It’s a very pleasant wine with character.

Elinize sağlık Oluş Hanım!

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  1. metinramadan says:

    Hi there can you pls send me a list of your stockists in London

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    1. I’m not selling and I know sellers only in Germany for now

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