Diren Collection Öküzgözü Boğazkere 2019

Bought from Şarap online

Diren winery was founded in 1958 and, at that time, it really was a pioneer in the Turkish wine industry. They are based in Tokat, Turkish white grape Narince’s home. They have a very large portfolio with different brands like the Karmen wines or the Diren collection. Those two are the most famous. Like many others in Turkey, they used the consulting services of the French œnologue Jean-Luc Colin. Some people like to joke about Monsieur Colin’s wines : they say they all taste the same.

What I can tell you is this : taxes are very high on alcohol in Turkey and when people seek for cheaper wines, I always mention Diren Collection. For around 7€ in Turkey you will hardly find such a decent wine. I’ve already had tasted their Kalecik Karası and their Narince (really nice for the price) but they have many more, French grapes as well as Turkish grapes like this blend we will try now. It’s a classic blend of Öküzgözü and Boğazkere, a bit like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon can be a classic in France. They’re really complementary.

Apart from its purple colour, this wine has strong fruity aromas. I detected blueberry, plum, spices, violets and liquorice. It’s a lively, spicy and fruity wine. Medium bodied. On the palate it has soft tannins with flavours of plum, violets and spices. Medium long spicy finish.

It’s a cheap but decent wine that will go perfectly with some Turkish spicy meat dishes. 7,25/10

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  1. Ralph Bechara says:

    Try this one : https://iyisarap.co/


    1. I know this firm😜

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    1. I know this one too

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  2. Ralph Bechara says:

    I hope lebanese wines could find their way to your experienced palate. (talking to you while sipping a château Ksara Cabernet sauvignon 2001).

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    1. Lucky you 😂 Lebanese wines can be fantastic and Château Ksara has been a reference for so long. Cheers!

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